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Fairfield Atlas Ltd. Manufacturer of Automobile and Industrial Transmission Gears and Systems and caters to OEM’s.


Fairfield Atlas Ltd. is a subsidiary of Fairfield Manufacturing Co., of USA (www.oerlikon.com/fairfield) the largest manufacturer of Gears and Systems in the North America and a member of Oerlikon Group of Switzerland (www.oerlikon.com).  Its major customers include John Deere, Case, Caterpillar, GE, Genie Industries, Ford, Dana & General Motors etc.


Fairfield Atlas Ltd. is situated at Devarwadi Village , Shinoli, Dist. Kolhapur (Maharashtra), about 15 km from Belgaum (Karnataka).  It was established in 1990.  At present it has two plants, one caters to Indian market and other EOU unit for overseas customers.  Its customers include M&M, Carraro (I), John Deere, SAME, KAMCO, TAFE, TELCON etc. in India and FMC, GKN, TMA in US.


Both the plants are well equipped with Gear Cutting and allied machinery required for manufacture of Quality Gears.  New product lines are being introduced specially to meet overseas requirement.


Fairfield Atlas Ltd. is QS/TS-16949 2002 -9002 certified company and manned by qualified Professionals, experienced and committed workforce.


With Technological superiority and experience of Fairfield Mfg. Co. of USA (www.oerlikon.com/fairfield) and the competitiveness of India subsidiary and strategic business presence in other countries, the Oerlikon Group (www.oerlikon.com) is best poised as the supplier of High Quality, High Value systems and Components for the Engineering Industry Worldwide.


Fairfield Atlas Ltd. manufactures gears basically Spur & Helical for Automotive and Non-Automotive applications.


A brief about our customers:


1.         Domestic


1.1             M&M                   – Automotive Sector which includes Jeep/ LCV/

                                               Engine/Three Wheeler

1.2             M&M                   – Farm Equipment Sector

1.3             Carraro               – Transmission Gears for Farm Applications (Tractors)

                                            - Gears for Wind Application (Pitch & Yaw Drives)

1.4             John Deere          - Tractors (Ring Gears & Speed Gears for Tractors)

1.5             KAMCO                – Power Tillers

1.6             Greaves              – LCV

1.7             Telcon                 – Ring Gears & Shafts

1.8             HVTL (Tata)        – Transmission Gears for HCV’s

1.9             GTG Noida          - Transmission Gears for Agriculture

1.10           TAFE                  – Transmission gears for Agriculture


2.       Exports which are mainly for planetary gear boxes;


2.1       FMC, USA             – Planetary Gear Box, Sub-assemblies for planetary gear

           boxes, adaptors and loose gearing.

2.2       TMA, USA             – Gears for Agriculture Applications

2.3       GKN                     – Gears for Agriculture Applications.  


Exports contribute 65% of the overall business.


Products and Capabilities:


At Fairfield Atlas Ltd., manufactures loose gears for most of the customers, but have increased capacity and capabilities to assemble planetary gear boxes and planetary sub-assemblies and input adaptors which find application in Agriculture, Mining and Construction equipments.


Facility is equipped to process the following operations:


1.      Turning

2.      Broaching

3.      Machining (VMC & HMC)

4.      Gear Cutting (Hobbing/Shaping/Shaving/Chamfering)

5.      Heat Treatment (Carburize and harden/carburize and quench press/induction harden).

6.      Grinding of fitment diameters (External & Internal Grinders)

7.      Assembly

8.      Paint polyurethane, Wet on Wet type



Fairfield Atlas Ltd. would wish to be known in the industry as a reputed manufacturer of gears boxes for industrial applications rather than a component manufacturer.